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pure DJ radio


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who are we?

Pure DJ radio is a non-profit organisation that has been on air since 2020, all of our radio shows are different with different hosts with different styles of music or things to talk about. listen along and request your song! all of our staff are volunteers and take time out of their week to do their own radio show. when there isn’t a host on the air there is still music playing so you can still tune into the radio and listen to some great tunes.

how can I listen to the radio?

Pure DJ radio can be listened to on this website, lots more websites and apps. Click the button below to see what websites we are on.

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get involved!

Do you have spare time on your hands? if so then why not volunteer at pure DJ radio! hear at pure DJ radio we offer FREE radio training, access to all of our radio equipment and a radio show that can last as long as you would like. to find out more common questions that are asked, to become a volunteer or to ask a question that isn’t on the list please click the “learn more” button.