what is the branch

pure DJ branch is made up of 5 parts.

the first part of the branch is pure DJ. here we DJ for weddings, engagements, kids and adult parties bundles start at just £50 a hour, all of the prices will be on the “pure DJ” button. you can look at prices and also book a DJ 

the second part of pure DJ branch is pure DJ radio. this is a world wide radio station ran by our staff that work for the branch, you can apply to be a volunteer to work for the radio  by clicking the jobs available button. pure DJ radio also do lots of podcasts for everyone so go over to the “podcasts” button at the top

the next part of the branch is pure DJ productions. here we do shows for the people of Northamtonshire, this happens two times a year. anyone can audition to be in the show just go got to the “show” button and see if there are any shows on and get your auditions in. you can also book tickets to our show on  the same button too.

another side of the branch is pure DJ sound and light. here we do festivals we do lots of big events if you are looking to hire our sound and light technician then go to the “sound and light” button

pure DJ mascots hire. here we hire out our mascots to see what mascots we have please go to the “hire mascot” button to see all info 

pure DJ live videos. here we do our updates for the whole branch and we also do some of our podcasts on there.


for more info please email: info@puredjradio.co.uk