become one of us

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become one of us

being a volunteer for pure DJ radio.

We are always looking for radio presenters here at pure DJ radio, you don’t need a certain genre of music or a certain thing to talk about the sky’s your limit. there is no maximum time or minimum time for your show to last. as long as your show is sustainable and people are interacting with your show. pure DJ radio is based in Kettering Northamptonshire, in a garage. please don’t let the location of our studio fool you. please bear in mind we are only a small radio station and as the station gets bigger we will move location and upgrade more equipment. pure DJ radio is a community radio meaning all of the staff work together to make the radio station as good as possible. come and join the team we look forward to meeting you.

commonly asked questions

how old do I have to be to volunteer?

there is no age boundary for the radio though if you are under the age of 13 then you will have to be accompanied by a chaperone.

where is pure dj radio-based?

Pure DJ radio is based in Kettering Northamptonshire, but if you are too far away we do offer a work from home job.

how long do my shows need to last?

your show needs to last at least 15 minutes but you can end when you want.

how long does it take to become a radio DJ?

as soon as a member of staff sees your application they will arrange a meeting to take you through our software then after that, you are ready to start your show.

what software do we use?

we use radio DJ, feel free to research this software while applying for the station